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Blessed Leaf Doxology by Ezra Zion

Posted on 03/03/2016 - 677 views

Ezra Zion released a hum-dinger with the Doxology.  There are only 1,005 of these cigars in existence.  Probably less since they appear sold out on the Ezra Zion site.  It has a nifty and rustic look too with a length of string tied around it for a band.  I remarked that it looks like the before picture of the CAO Amazon Basin.  Medium bodied with notes of green apple, vanilla, black pepper, and some creamy coffee start things off.  The cigar contains a couple of my favorite tobaccos: Ometepe, which provides a sweet earthy note, and Indonesian, which is very creamy and leathery.  Honestly the cigar reminds me of the original Graycliff - which, I hope Ezra Zion will take as the supreme compliment it was meant to be.  Construction is stellar and she finishes with notes of nuts, vanilla, chocolate, and dried apricot - medium body throughout.  If you can find them they come highly recommended.

Rating: 95

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