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Tatuaje Monster Series 2016 Krueger

Posted on 10/19/2016 - 665 views

Nightmares.  A glove with knives.  A crispy fried villain. Ah, Freddy, how you scared the crap out of an entire generation.  Tatuaje's lastest entry for the annual Monster Series pays homage to arguably one of the greatest on-screen monsters of all time, Freddy Krueger.  I have been, as many folks have, waiting with baited breath for this newest Pete creation, so let's get going.....

The Krueger is a nice rustic looking churchill with a pointy cap -  they managed to make it feel like one of the blades from Freddy's glove, which I guess was the general idea.  The wrapper is a deep umber brown with plenty of tooth and some nice oils. 

Some minerals, cocoa, a nice sweet undertone, a some very mild pepper start things off.  That mineral tone usually means a cigar could do with more rest and the Monster series is well known - at least by me - for needing that rest.  Every single one Pete has released in that past few years as aged magnificently and I expect the Krueger to do the same.

I get some additional notes of dried fruit.  It's an almost like Fruit Loops cereal.  Very tasty.  Some light roast black coffee, a mild chili note. Leave it to Pete to come up with something so unique and complex.  The Krueger finishes off with some milk chocolate, more coffee, and some creamy notes that really remind me of the La Riqueza.  A solid performer from start to finish, the Krueger is a terrific smoking experience.  It does need a little age, so I will re-smoke this one in a few months.

So, is the Krueger worth the wait and hype, you ask?  I say yes to that.  With some age this could be one of Pete's best. Highly recommended.

Rating: 90

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