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H.R (Hirochi Robaina) Sublime

Posted on 08/11/2016 - 725 views

One of the more sought after cigars of 2015, the H.R line from Corona Cigars is on deck today.  Blended by Hirochi Robaina, grandson of Alejandro Robaina....of Cuban Vegas Robaina fame, the H.R has a very Cuban profile right off the start.  Because of its Nicaraguan roots, it is a tad more powerful, however.  Notes of Walnut - which gives it a nice sweet flavor, mingle around with coffee, earth, and some dark chocolate.  Some pepper is in there too - but not overpowering.  The core is creamy, leathery, and nutty.  The smoke is aromatic and dense.  There is a chewy quality to the flavors coming from this beauty. 

I did a bit of research and managed to find one downside to such a magnificent cigar....the price.  This fat toro I am smoking will run you around $20.  Now...I understand the need to price things according to quality, price of the tobacco, even the name it carries....but that does seem a tad steep.  Maybe $12 or so, I could see....then again, if you are looking for something special for a celebration, this fits the bill - and that price makes sense.  Still I have to shrug and wonder why.  Anyway, this is a good cigar to pair with a hefty red wine or fine scotch, certainly. 

As things wrap up here, I can say that - given a price reduction - I would smoke these often.  It's creamy smooth, powerfully flavored, elegant cigar that is highly recommended to enthusiasts and those looking for something special.

Rating: 91

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