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Sobremesa Cervantes Fino

Posted on 07/28/2016 - 686 views

So if I had to categorize the subject of today's review, I think I would fall in the " legendary" category.  The Sobremesa has become one of the most highly regarded and sought-after cigars available.  We are talking Liga No.9 or OpusX level of mythos here.  So, I had seen pictures of people smoking them....not realizing what I was actually seeing, honestly.  A cigar with a crown-shaped band?  Okay....what is that?  Well, after some research I found out I was missing something - something spectacular by all accounts.  So - I decided to snag a couple to see what all of the ruckus is about.

The Cervantes Fino is a nice looking lonsdale - my favorite cigar size, by the way.  Oily wrapper with a lot of tooth, no seams or blemishes of any kind.  The bands - which are gold and brown, give the cigar a very classy look. 

Notes of lemon zest, mild coffee, oak, and some black pepper start things off.  It's an unusual cigar so far - not like anything I have had before, truthfully.  The mingling of the initial four flavors are very unique.  There is a nice chocolate aftertaste that just popped up.  Wasn't expecting that....An inch deep and things smooth out significantly. It's like the idle on an antique outboard motor....rough at first and then as smooth as silk. More pepper, more pronounced coffee, and the inclusion of some dense meaty notes take over towards the middle.  Cedar, pine, a mild dried fruit note, and that meaty note like a fine beef brisket make up the nuts and bolts of the cigar.  The smoke takes on a sawdust and lemon aroma - that's new!  I was concerned as the cigar hit the final third as it contained zero sweetness but then a gingerbread note popped in and evened things out.  It's unusual, unique, and actually delicious.  Construction is on-point too.  Loads of smoke.  Perfect draw.  Clingy white ash.

So, is the Sobremesa worth the hype?  Sure....I'll give it a nod there.  It's the most unique and unusual flavor profile to hit shelves in a long time.  I think some age will turn this cigar into one for the ages as well.  I hope Dunbarton will accept this as the huge complement it is meant to be, but the Sobremesa reminds me of the original Diesel by AJ Fernandez.  Both are cigars that have no comparison on the market in terms of flavor, that is repeatedly smokeable, and unique across the board.  Highly recommended.

Rating: 91

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