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Tatuaje Skinny Monsters Frank

Posted on 06/16/2016 - 653 views

The monster that started it all....Frank....that is where we are today.  I admit that the Little Frank was my first foray into the Tatuaje Monster series and it totally hooked me.  This new slender version stars off with some earth, black pepper, and deep roast coffee.  The pepper, while not super in your face is most notable in the back of the throat.  A very nice woody note - like raw cedar - pops around the end of the first third too - wow....that was surprising.  A slight chocolate note is in there as well - mostly in the retrohale, which I always do by accident.  Strength is on the high end of medium-full....which is a very good thing here.  This cigar demands your attention.  You must discern every puff with a Sherlock Holmes-like scrutiny, lest something slip past your tastebuds.  Stoney minerals, red pepper, baker's chocolate, cream, cinnamon, candy corn....yes, candy corn - (more on that in a minute), and dry oak.  Yep....I said candy corn.  In the Little version of the Frank, it was much more pronounced and in the Pudgy version it was absent.  It really blew me away before and I am very happy to see that sweetness appear here again.  While not as incredible as the Face, the Frank is one of the better Skinny offernings and one I would smoke regularly if it sees mass production.  Highly recommended, folks!

Rating: 92

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