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Tatuaje Skinny Monsters Jekyll

Posted on 05/24/2016 - 613 views

The Jekyll is next up on the block.  I smoked the heck out of the full-sized couterpart and it honestly got better with age.  The skinny version starts off with a blast of black pepper - something the big one only gave up in touches here and there.  The cream and nutmeg are still there and that very nutty and woody core builds into place quickly.  A very mild sweetness with some leather shows up about halfway through.  Honestly, I think this Skinny Jekyll is like a concentrated version of the full-sized one.  So, how does this stack up to the rest of the set so far?  I am going to say second after the Chuck.  Great smoke and well worth lighting up.  The full-sized counterpart is a bit more elegant but this one is still highly recommended.

Rating: 90

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