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Partagas Aniversario 170 Salomon

Posted on 05/05/2016 - 690 views

Having won a humidor chest loaded with Partagas 150's in 2001, I  have been excited to latch onto one of these new 170's.  I ended up grabbing one of the huge salomons.  Construction is flawless as you might expect.  Notes of leather, wood, cream, roasted nuts, and a touch of caramel start things up. It has touches of coffee, cream, and a very mild plantain flavor.  It stays nice and smooth from start to finish with a leathery cedar core.  Overall a terrific cigar.  The big question?  Is it as good as the 150?  I would say no.  The 150 was quite possibly one of the best cigars of the past 20 years.  On that note, the 170 could be even better with a couple of years of age.  Should you try one?  Absolutely!  While it slightly misses the " classic" mark it still comes highly recommended!

Rating: 92

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