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CAO Flathed Steel Horse Apehanger

Posted on 04/19/2016 - 814 views

When you think Motorcycle you think metal and leather, right?  Well, CAO has their motorcycle line within the Flathead lineup on the right track.  These big ring monsters are very well done.  Packaged in boxes with a flat cap - al' la' flathead - the cigars push a hefty leather and earth core on top of dark chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, cream, loads of wood, and some slight dried fruit notes.  While not the most complex girl at the prom, the Apehanger does satisfy in the medium-full arena.  The flathead lineup is one of the most interesting and surprising cigars to pop up over the past few years and has really put some life back into the CAO brand.  For my money, I still like the Sparkplug, but this cycle based addition is a close second.  Recommended!

Want to try a few?  Snag yours here!

Rating: 90

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